DGScores is an open source project written in Qt. It is currently targeted for N900.

Version 0.3

April 20th, 2010

PR1.2 is still unreleased, and thus so is DGScores 0.2. But version 0.3 is already on it's way. See the screenshots for some upcoming features.

Version 0.2

March 12th, 2010

Version 0.2 is nearing completion. We've moved on to using Qt4.6, which is why 0.2 won't be released until PR1.2 is available for N900. If you can't wait, feel free to build it from sources yourself.

Here are some of the upcoming improvements:

  • Scrolling in play view should now be a bit smoother
  • Scores view UI improved
  • Ability to remove single rounds
  • Data integrity improved: Adding, editing and deleting stuff should now work reliably.
  • UI is Hildonized better
  • Color coding in scores: green for par or better, and red for worse than par.
  • UI scales better to non-full-screen-mode.
  • More to come?

Version 0.1

March 1st, 2010

  • Save your favorite DG courses
  • Save scores for each played round
  • View played rounds and easily keep track of your best scores.
  • A finger friendly UI

Possible Upcoming Features:

  • Save course maps for easy viewing during play
  • Save course/hole coordinates and navigate to next hole using GPS
  • Export your scores to web services
  • Support for S60 5th edition and other platforms


DGScores will eventually be found from extras. Until then, you can download the latest release from Garage, here.

...Or you can get the latest development version and/or the sources from SVN, here.